TsarkArt: Classes, Lessons & Workshops (Spring 2020)

TAMI TSARK • Studio@tsark.com • 415.519.8264

Riley Street Art Supply, 1138 Fourth St., San Rafael, CA
ON-GOING Thursday Classes
Thurs. 11:30a-1:30pm Ink, Line, & Wash
Thurs. 2:00p-4:00pm Painting (Watermedia)
T o register, please contact me directly (415.519.8264 or studio@tsark.com)

Spring Break at the Schulz Museum (Mar. 16-20th): CANCELLED due to CVD19 (Thank you, Schulz Museum!)
Every day except Thursday and Friday afternoon.

Sharon Art Studio, San Francisco (SPRING, 2020)
Mon. 10:30-1:30pm Everyone Can Paint #25716 (3/23 – 5/18/20)
Mon. 2:00-5:00pm Have Your Cake & Paint It Too #25879 (3/23-5/18/20)
Tues, 10:30-1:30pm Gouache Painting # 25877 (3/24-5/19/20)
Tues, 6:00-9:00 pm Gracing the Figure # 25877 (3/24-5/19/20)

College of Marin, Kentfield Campus; SPRING 2020
Wed. 5:30-9pm Abstract Ink Painting (FA, rm 312) Apr. 1 – May 13
Thur. 6:10-9:30pm Everyone Can Paint (FA, rm 301) Apr. 2 – May 14
Fri. 5:10p – 8:30p Color, at Play (FA, rm 312 ) Apr. 3 – May 15

Private, SemiPrivate, Small Group Lessons
(Download Flyer): TsarkArt Private Lessons
Can’t find the time to paint or make art? Can’t get in the class that fits your schedule, let me come to you for not much more than the cost of a registered class. 415.519.8264

Class Descriptions:
Abstract Ink: Inspired by the exciting show at the Cantor Museum Ink Worlds, this is not your average painting class: This seven-week course will be based in the traditional form of Chinese Brush painting but will explore abstract expressionism. We will use brush work and examining unconventional techniques to create new forms and textures. We will combine bold strokes, pours, movement, and paper textures to create exciting abstract representations & nonrepresentational compositions. We will work on large murals as a group as a means to discuss abstraction and composition.

Color at Play: Let’s “play” with color! We will help you discover your unique color palette. Overcome your fear of working with color, through a series of exercises, such as combining shapes and patterns; you will learn to create unique and interesting compositions!

Everyone Can Paint: This class will emphasize the ease & simplicity of painting: the reasons everyone can paint! Class will include exercises and tools to express the “what” of painting (composition, color, texture, etc.). This class is ideal for all skill levels and students may work with watercolor and students may work with instructor on an independent project. The course will include weekly color mixing and painting exercises.

Gouache: Curious about the properties of gouache — the “gateway medium” from watercolor to oil/acrylic or visa versa with less clean-up? Achieve oil- like paintings with this exciting water media! We will learn how to mix, apply, and do a series of exercises and paintings to further your comfort level. All skill levels welcome.

Have Your Cake & Paint It too:
Wayne Thiebaud’s iconic cakes have inspired many. Come be inspired & find beauty in the simple or celebratory table setting. A slice of cakes, a still cup of coffee, the edge of an orange peel as subject of your paintings. Let your imagination do the rest. We will spend this class together, finding composition, light and shadow and explore ways to use inks, colors and shapes to create a series of paintings and drawings. The enjoyment of the “not so still life” subject. We will examine each of these. The reward? Enjoying these treats as a group and celebrating our efforts. Materials fee included in the cost of the class. All skill levels welcome. Please bring what materials you have to class; instructor will contact registered students prior to first session regarding any special notes or suggested materials.