Biography: Tami Sloan Tsark


Tami Sloan Tsark is a San Francisco painter who works in a variety of media including sculpture and mixed media. Her work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. She received her BA from UCLA in Film/TV, where she specialized in animation and minored in English. She attributes the movement in her paintings (and as a model) to her background as a figure skater. Thematically, she loves to incorporate reclaimed objects & complex surfaces in her work. She has been teaching art since 2017 (and loves to teach!).

Artist’s Statement:
Sometimes, I find things: More often, those things find me. The Finding — things or ideas–is where I begin. My work is a process of discovery, derived from a desire to deconstruct and assimilate a sense of our condition, one that is mostly human. Work takes shape if our minds can recognize both history and potential. Let there be seams, let there be edges. Let the record be one of process, of marks …and of materials. It is from this world of forgotten things that I find beauty. –Tami Sloan Tsark (This 11th of January, 2017)

Clouds & Sea
Trees & Landscapes
Figures & Still Life
“Little Moving Creatures”

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